What Color Is the Aura for Spiritual Connection?


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In certain spiritual belief systems, the aura is believed to emanate from the seven chakras, each one impregnating the aura with a different color. The seventh chakra, called Sahasrara, is associated with spiritual awareness and connection to the divine. When it is strongly activated, the aura has prominent purple hues.

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It is believed that when someone's aura has a lot of purple, violet or lavender, the person is experiencing spiritual expansion or awakening, according to Explore Your Spirit with Kala. These colors are rarely dominating and are more commonly intermittent or temporary, appearing in moments of emotional clarity and intuitive resonance with the higher self. They are also associated with insight, healing, divine or unconditional love, and collective consciousness.

The idea that the aura can be seen or that different colors have meanings has not been confirmed scientifically and is considered to be based only on belief, notes The Skeptic's Dictionary.

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