What College Did Marie Curie Attend?

Unknown/CC BY 4.0

Marie Curie’s attended the University of Paris where she earned her master’s degree in physics in 1893 and her doctorate 10 years later. Also referred to as the Sorbonne, Marie Curie also earned a second degree in the same school in the field of mathematics.

Marie Curie was born Maria Sklodowska in Warsaw, Poland. Wanting to attend college, Marie along with her sister Bronia, left Poland for Paris because women were not allowed to attain higher education in Poland during that time. It was Bronia who enrolled in college first, while Marie worked as a governess to support her sister financially.

Life in college was hard for Marie as she had very little resources to support her studies. Still, she persisted often eating only bread with tea and bearing the brunt of harsh winters in Paris in a drafty apartment. Her sacrifices paid off as she graduated first in her class.