How Do You Find Your Coat of Arms?

One way to find out about a family coat of arms is to use a website that specializes in researching heraldry. This was a system developed as a way of identifying armored knights and others on the battlefield and later became an easy way of displaying a certain familial connection.

Family coats of arms contain a number of symbols and specific colors that each have meaning. Taken all together, these crests hinted at a family’s service to royalty, in the battlefield or with special connections to land or a business. Tracking down the coat of arms associated with a last name is a simple process.

  1. Check family origins
  2. Complete a cursory check of the origins of the family name. Family names may have multiple coats of arms because different families in different countries just happen to have the same name. Try to track down which country the family name comes from, which will help when looking for the correct the coat of arms. Options include looking through family records or using

  3. Research the coat of arms
  4. Go to a heraldry site, such as Click on the “Search family coat of arms” link or button, which is usually located on the home page. Type in the family name and click the “Search” button.

  5. Select the country of origin
  6. Select on the country of origin for the family name, if multiple options are provided. Usually these countries include, England, Ireland, Scotland or France. Take a look at the family coat of arms for that country origin and family name. A short description of the meaning of the symbols used may also be provided.