What Are Some Co-Dependent Behavior Patterns?


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Co-dependent behavior patterns involve behaviors such as denial, avoidance and low self esteem. They also have issues with compliance and control. Co-dependents may suppress their real feelings but use emotion to manipulate a situation.

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Co-dependents are in denial when they point out their own unpleasant traits in others or express negative feelings with passive behavior. They think of themselves as being dedicated to another person's well being but they actually do not have empathy for other people's feelings. Co-dependents avoid issues by being judgemental, making others angry or refusing intimacy.

Low self esteem drives co-dependents to judge themselves harshly. They have trouble making decisions and are unable to ask for what they need. Compliance issues are expressed when co-dependents suppress what they really want in order to please others. They are overly involved in another person's feelings and absorb them as their own. Co-dependents often do not consider the consequences of their actions and ignore their own values to avoid another person's anger.

Control issues include refusing to cooperate, shaming and blaming others. Co-dependents think other people are incapable of functioning without their help and often give unsolicited advice. These dysfunctional people often try to manipulate people with favors, gifts, charm and charisma. They are resentful towards people who reject them.

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