What Is the "clown Statue" Story?


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The "clown statue" story is an urban legend in which a murderer, a sex offender or a mentally disturbed person, depending on the version, pretends to be a clown statue in order to escape detection. Typically, the oldest person in the house is a female babysitter, who is watching small children.

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In general, the story starts with a babysitter checking on a baby or child she is watching. She notices after one or two visits that there is a life-size clown doll or statue in one corner of the room. It strikes her as creepy, but she tries to ignore it. Later, she checks in with the parents and complains about the clown. The parents tell her to take the kids and get out of the house while they call 911. Minutes later, the police show up. The parents explain that they never had a clown doll or statue. The police lead a prisoner out of the house, exposing that the clown statue is actually a living person.

The urban legend website Snopes began getting questions about this story in 2004. It was attached to chain letters or reported as a true event. Barbara Mikkelson of Snopes suggests that it is a more modern version of other babysitter stories in which frightening calls to a sitter turn out to originate within the house. Every version of the story implies that the clown's intended victims could include the babysitter or a child or both.

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