What Clothing Is Traditional of the Mingo Indians?

Aparel differed between men and women but all clothing was made mostly from animal skins, explains Western Reserve Public Media . Apparel made from deer skins were tanned and hung over a fireplace to become waterproof.

Other textiles were made from bark, tree or plant sources. Men wore breech cloth, a long piece of leather or fabric between their legs and moccasins. They did not wear shirts. For headdresses, men wore a short feathered cap with an eagle insignia. This is in contrast to the popular long headdresses many Sioux are pictured wearing.

Women wore a short skirt and leggings or a long dress and moccasins. They also often wore a beaded tiara. Designs were made by stamping stone or wood onto clothing. Other decorations and designs were made out of animal resources, such as bone, shells, horns, quills and moose hair. Garments were also adorned with copper or fresh water pearls.

In colonial times, Mingo Native Americans began wearing European costume-like cloth shirts and blouses and decorated them with beads and ribbons. During these times, fur was also traded for cotton cloth, silk ribbons, glass beads and silver.

The Mingo Native Americans were a group made up of both Seneca and Cayuga tribes. They are sometime referred to as the Ohio Seneca Indians.