What Clothes Are Worn in Honduras?

Hondurans typically wear protective clothing fitting for agricultural work. Professionals who belong to a higher social class often wear a North American clothing style, such as business suits, dresses and blazers of different colors. Most of the clothes business professionals wear are imported and made from various fabrics.

Many Hondurans, especially those in the rural areas, often wear secondhand clothes for practical use. They fix and reuse worn, handed-down garments as necessary. Hondurans rarely buy clothes for fashion purposes. They prefer to use cooling clothes suited for hard labor in the agricultural fields.

The type of shoes Hondurans choose depends on their profession. Men working in the labor industry use boots, whereas women find beach sandals more comfortable. Those who work in the office like to wear dress shoes.

Accessories serve as a status symbol in Honduras. Affluent men usually wear huge, gold necklaces, while farmers and other men occasionally have guns attached to their trousers. Some of the common accessories worn by women include hair ornaments, necklaces, rings and broaches.

Hondurans sometimes wear traditional, handmade clothing, such as white dresses with colored seams made from different colors of yarn and fabric. Traditional clothing is commonly seen during festival celebrations, and it is also typically made for export. Women often wear accessories to go with their traditional dresses.