What Clothes Do They Wear in Mexico?

Clothing styles in Mexico vary greatly depending on region, urban or rural character and ethic identity. Common traditional and modern clothing styles in Mexico include Jalisco Folklorico dresses, Puebla dress, Mariachi clothing, sombreros and modern Mexican urban clothing.

Jalisco Folklorico dresses are characterized by bright colors, often in shades like magenta, gold and pink. Dresses are often decorated with colorful ribbons along the hemline, with the women wearing flowers in their hair. Veracruz-style Folklorico dresses, in contrast, are always white and feature aspects, such as black half-aprons and white shawls that button at the chest. The costume is frequently paired with white flamenco shoes and beautiful flowers worn in the hair. Men's traditional Veracruz garb is a thin-material white shirt with white pants, combined with a flashy red tie around the neck collar.

Everyday clothing styles include the Puebla dress, a one-piece simple design embroidered with intricate floral and cultural designs. Mariachi musicians, a common occupation in Mexico, often dress in Mariachi style, which is an adaptation of traditional equestrian style. Mariachis wear elegant embroidered suits with white shirts and expressive ties. Pants feature buttoned metal decorations that run along the outer hems. Short boots and a sombrero accompany the suit.