What Clothes Did the Aztecs Wear?

Aztec clothing was made from cotton and fiber, extracted from Maguey Cactus leaves. Women played the important role of weaving clothes using fiber, and they learned this at a young age. They used different colors to dye the clothing to give them intricate designs. Cotton was commonly reserved for the nobles in the community — it is said that a commoner could be sentenced to death if they wore cotton clothing.

The clothing for the common people and the slaves did not cover the whole body. Maguey fiber clothing was mainly used by the slaves and the commoners. Slaves only wore a simple loincloth. The loincloth for the common people was made from a long piece of cloth. Men also wore a mantle to cover the shoulders and walked barefoot or had sandals made from Maguey fiber. Women wore a skirt called a Cueitl, which was made from a long strip of cloth, and a sleeveless blouse.

The upper class wore prestigious clothing with symbols of their authority or affiliation. Gold was often added to the clothing. Furs, pendants and feathers were used for decoration. They also wore a headdress decorated with symbols. The upper class also wore jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces and earrings.