What Cleaners Contain Ammonia?

Peter Dazeley/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

Window cleaners, floor wax and smelling salts are a few of the products that contain ammonia. While some manufacturers disclose ammonia on the label, others hide its presence in the product as a part of a trade secret. Ammonia’s sharp, pungent odor is easy to detect upon opening the products.

The human nose is able to detect ammonia at levels far below those likely to cause health problems. While most products containing ammonia limit it to less than 10 percent, it still causes respiratory problems in some individuals at these concentrations, especially children, according to Healthy Child Healthy World. Ammonia also can cause skin burns in humans. Its fumes react with other chemicals in the atmosphere to create compounds that attach to fibers in the home, prolonging its effect on the occupants.

Mixing cleaning products containing ammonia with other cleaning products can cause violent reactions. Mixing bleach and ammonia releases toxic chloramine vapors.

Farmers use ammonia as a fertilizer. The products they use for fertilizer have a higher concentration of ammonia than that of household products. These higher concentrations mean the products are more dangerous to those working around them. Individuals living near farms where ammonia is in use are likely to experience exposure to fumes when the farmer applies the product.