How Do You Clean Vinyl Vertical Blinds?

The International Photo Co./Taxi Japan/Getty Images

Vertical blinds can be dusted, quick-cleaned with a dry method or washed with soap and water. Vertical blinds can be vacuumed or dusted weekly to avoid the necessity for deep cleaning.

To dust vertical blinds, start by spraying them with a dusting spray. Use a feather duster, and start at the top. Run the duster down the entire length of each slat.

Quick clean vertical blinds on a regular basis using the brush attachment on the vacuum. Draw the vacuum brush down the blinds. Follow up by running a lamb’s wool duster down each slat. Use the rubber dry sponge attachment for vinyl and fabric blinds. If they have soiled areas, use an all-purpose cleaner and a dry cloth to remove the residue before vacuuming.

Washing becomes necessary if the blinds are very dirty. Use a vertical blind cleaning tool or a set of barbecue tongs with sponges fastened on the ends. Place towels under the blinds to catch dripping, dirty water. Fill one bucket with fresh cool water and another with warm soapy water. Use a mild soap or detergent, and spot test a hidden area of the blinds first. Soak the cleaning tool in the soapy water. Start at the top of the blinds, and gently clamp the slat between the tongs, sliding it down to the bottom. Rinse the tool in the cool water, and repeat the procedure. Change the soapy water and rinse water often. Wipe slats down with a soft towel, or allow to air dry.