How Do You Clean up a Battery Acid Spill?

To clean up a battery acid spill, put on protective gloves and goggles, and use a neutralizer such as baking soda to cover the acid spill completely. Once the acid stops bubbling, sweep the acid into a double bag, and dispose of the bag at a battery-recycling plant. If you spill more than 10 gallons of acid, call the fire department.

  1. Put on protective gear

    To avoid contact with the battery acid, put on a long-sleeve shirt, thick pants and closed-toe shoes. Put on protective goggles and gloves.

  2. Use a neutralizer on the acid spill

    Mix an acid-neutralizing solution of soda ash, baking soda or ammonia. Mix the solution with equal parts water, and use the solution to cover the acid spill completely. Wait for the acid to stop bubbling. Use 1 pound of neutralizer per pint of battery acid.

  3. Clean up the area

    Once the acid has stopped bubbling, sweep up the mixture of acid and neutralizing solution. Dump the mixture in a double bag, and rinse the area with clean water. If the battery is still leaking, dump it in the double bag along with more neutralizing solution. Dispose of the double bag at your nearest battery-recycling plant.