How Do You Clean Rose-Gold Jewelry?

To clean rose-gold jewelry, wash it with a solution of warm water and mild liquid soap, then dry it on a towel. This 30-minute procedure requires a dish pan, warm water, latex gloves, liquid soap, a wooden toothpick and several clean, soft towels.

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution

    Put on latex gloves. Lay a clean hand towel in the bottom of a dish pan, and add several inches of warm water. Squirt a small amount of mild liquid soap into the water, and swish the mixture with your fingers. Blot your hands on a towel.

  2. Add the jewelry

    Gently submerge the jewelry in the soapy water. Let it rest on the towel for two minutes.

  3. Rub away the dirt

    Lift the jewelry out of the water, and rub it with your fingers. Focus on areas soiled with accumulated skin oils and other greasy stains. Rub these spots with the pads of your fingers, periodically dipping the jewelry back into the water.

  4. Clean the tight spaces

    Wet half of a wooden toothpick in the soap solution, and gently insert it into parts of the jewelry too small to reach with your fingers. If you are cleaning a watch or bracelet, use the toothpick to reach between the band segments and around the clasp.

  5. Rinse and dry the jewelry

    Rinse the jewelry under warm running water, and blot it with a dry towel. Spread the towel on a flat surface, and rest the jewelry on it until it is completely dry. Discard the latex gloves, and empty the dish pan.