How Do You Clean Your House by Burning Sage?

Burning sage, also called a smudging ritual, is a Native American tradition in which the smoke from a smoldering bundle of sage is spread throughout the home or any other environment to cleanse it of negative or stagnant energy. Some rituals suggest saying a prayer or affirmation during the smudging ritual to enhance the cleansing effect.

The Native American tradition of smudging is called the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing and is believed to be a powerful environmental cleansing ritual. Many other cultures around the world use smudging as a space cleansing ritual and use other sacred herbs in the smudging bundle, such as cedar, tobacco, lavender or sweet grass.

Each sacred herb has a different meaning within the smudging ritual, so you can customize a bundle for a specific purpose. This cleansing ritual is simple enough to use on a daily basis and is often done when moving into a new apartment, office or house. The ritual can is also used to cleanse everyday objects that people come into contact with, including mobile phones and computers. Smudging is also suggested to cleanse gemstones and crystals that are used in spiritual practice.

Other space cleansing rituals include visualization, in which you visualize cleansing the space of negative energy by filling the space a bright, white light, and steeping herbs in water to create a spray.