How Do You Clean Gold Teeth?

John Rensten/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Removable gold teeth must be cleaned using a nonabrasive cleaner and then rinsed with warm water, and a soft cloth is recommended to polish the gold to bring back its natural luster. Other gold teeth types are implanted in a permanent fashion and can be cleaned like normal teeth.

It is strongly recommended that people with permanent or removable gold teeth refrain from smoking because this tarnishes the gold much more quickly. If people intend to smoke, they are encouraged to opt for a higher quality of gold in the 18 to 24 karat range. This way, they won’t have to constantly clean and polish their gold teeth.

The time it takes the gold to tarnish and lose its luster depends on the smoking factor, but it is also determined by the pureness of the gold. Many gold teeth types are not actually pure gold but are mixed with other metals, resulting in a lower-quality karat. White gold or gold that has a pink hue are common examples of this.

Permanent gold teeth are implanted with a titanium implant that is surgically drilled into the jawbone. Gold tooth can be permanently placed in the gums this way, and these can be cleaned just like regular teeth.