How Do You Clean a Canon Ink Absorber?

To clean a Canon ink absorber, locate the ink absorber, detach it from the printer, unplug the printer, remove foam pads, and place in a bucket of hot, soapy water, scrub and dry them, reattach foam pads, and re-install ink absorber. An ink absorber keeps dry ink and dust from floating around in your printer.

Fill a large bowl or bucket with warm, soapy water, set aside, and put on gloves. Open the ink cartridge lid depending on your canons printer model. Wait on the ink or toner cartridge to move out of the way, so now you have access to the waste ink absorber. Grab the rubber frame, and pull gently to detach, and then unplug the printer’s power cord.

Remove the absorber’s foam pads, and place them in your bowl or bucket. Gently scrub the pads, and if you can’t, let them soak for some minutes. Spread the pads on a newspaper or paper towels, and let them dry completely, perhaps overnight. Slide the foam pads back into the rubber frame, and re-install the ink absorber.

To get rid of the error code, hold down the power button on the control panel, and plug in the printer. Release the power button after unplugging, and wait a few seconds. Press the power button again, the error code should be gone.