How Do You Claim the Warranty of a GE Water Heater?

To claim the warranty for a GE water heater, call GE at the number listed in the product’s owner’s manual. As of 2015, for GE indoor tankless waters, the service number is 1-888-468-9837. For GE GeoSpring hybrid electric water heaters, it’s 1-888-443-4394.

When calling to schedule warranty service, it’s necessary to provide both the water heater’s serial number and model number. It’s also necessary to show the original purchase receipt to prove that the water heater is still under warranty. All GE warranty service must be performed by an authorized service technician, who examines the product and determines whether the problem is covered under the warranty.

Although the warranty for most GE water heaters covers a variety of problems, it’s limited to defects in workmanship or materials. This means it doesn’t cover damage that results from improper installation, delivery, maintenance or use. The warranty also doesn’t cover damage or failure that results from poor water quality. The GE warranty is only valid for products purchased and used in the United States. The warranty can be transferred to a new owner if the home is sold, but it’s only valid as long as the product remains in the original installation location.