What Cities Have the Highest Female to Male Ratios?

Washington D.C. and the surrounding metropolitan area, Boston and New York have the three highest female to male ratios in the United States, as at 2013. Of the top ten cities, only one is on the west coast.

Statistically, across America, larger cities tend to have higher female than male populations. This directly reflects the demographics of the national population, which is slightly more than half female. This is not to say that the cities with the highest female to male ratios do not have pockets of male dominance within the population. In New York, for instance, more men than women call lower Manhattan home while there is a significant ratio of more women to men on the Upper East Side. Areas in which men outnumber women tend to be primarily in the Pacific Northwest and the mountain states where boom towns have popped up thanks to oil and mining. The neighborhoods in the United States with the highest ratio of women to men are the Upper East Side in Manhattan, Beverly Center in Los Angeles and Near North Side in Chicago. Researchers have noticed a trend in male populations living in or very near to downtown areas while women prefer to live slightly away from the hustle and bustle.