How Do Cirrhosis Rashes Manifest on the Body?

Cirrhosis rashes manifest on the body as tiny, reddish purple dots or larger splotches, according to the Merck Manual. This is a result of bleeding from small blood vessels in the skin.

Cirrhosis is a late-stage scarring of the liver as a result of many conditions and forms of liver disease, such as hepatitis and chronic alcohol abuse, explains Mayo Clinic. While liver damage caused by cirrhosis is irreversible, treatment can prevent further damage. As cirrhosis progresses, the liver has increasing difficulty carrying out its functions, and advanced cirrhosis is life-threatening.

Cirrhosis can present with skin symptoms other than rashes, including bruises, reddening of the palms and yellowing of the skin, notes WebMD. Causes of these symptoms include low platelet counts, poor clotting and excess bilirubin in the blood, according to Healthline.

In addition to patient history and physical examination, doctors use laboratory and imaging tests to diagnose cirrhosis, states Mayo Clinic. Blood tests determine liver and kidney function, as well as blood clotting ability. MRI, CT and ultrasound can reveal abnormalities of the liver, and liver biopsy can indicate extent, severity and cause of liver damage.

In early cirrhosis, treatment of the underlying causes can minimize liver damage, according to Mayo Clinic. Doctors also treat complications of cirrhosis, such as excess bodily fluid, hypertension and infections. In severe cases of cirrhosis, in which the liver has ceased to function, liver transplant surgery is necessary.