What Are Some Churches That Air Services on Television?

What Are Some Churches That Air Services on Television?

Trinity Broadcasting Network and the Church Channel are both American television channels that regularly broadcast religious services from a variety of pastors and Christian denominations. For example, Pastor Jonathan Falwell's services at the Thomas Road Baptist Church air on Sundays on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

Other examples of churches that broadcast services include Acts Full Gospel Church, where Bishop Bob Jackson preaches, which airs Sundays on the Church Channel. The Church Channel also airs sermons by Dr. Michael Youssef of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia. Pastor Christian Raburn's services from the Church of Victory in Orlando, Florida, also air on the Church Channel.

Some Christian denominations operate their own channels, airing not only religious services but also other Christian-themed programs. For example, the Seventh Day Adventist Church's Hope Channel airs Christian programming in a variety of languages on its stations around the world.

The Catholic Church also operates its own network, CatholicTV, which airs live services, including the Saturday evening mass held at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C.

The Word Network is another example of a Christian broadcaster. The Word specializes in airing services from African-American churches. The network's programming includes Bishop Neil Ellis, who preaches from Mount Tabor Church in Nassau, Bahamas.