What Are Church Resolutions?


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A church resolution is a formal written statement that explains a church's official position on a specific issue. Some resolutions are designed to help members learn how to apply faith principles in their everyday lives; others memorialize deceased members or provide useful information for branches of the church. Most churches publish their resolutions online or in print in a book of resolutions.

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Many church resolutions follow a similar format. The text usually explains the resolution, and provides reasons in support of the position. Where appropriate, the second part of the resolution offers recommendations and suggestions for readers. The people submitting the resolution — often, members of the clergy or a church committee — add their signatures in support.

Church resolutions cover a range of topics, from social and political issues to doctrinal questions. The Church of God, for example, publishes resolutions on subjects ranging from international terrorism to Biblical stewardship. The United Methodist Church's Book of Resolutions covers topics as diverse as recycling, faith communities on campuses and human cloning.

The process of adopting a resolution varies by church. In large, multi-branch religions, individuals or groups submit draft resolutions to the governing body for consideration. During the church's general conference, the top levels of religious leadership vote the proposed resolutions in or out.

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