Why Does the Church of Latter-Day Saints Maintain Genealogy Records?


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The Church of Latter-day Saints maintains genealogy records because of the Mormon doctrine that teaches that family ties and marriage continue even after death. Family history and genealogical information are gathered so that temple ordinances can be performed for the deceased.

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The Church of Latter-day Saints gathers genealogical information and family history so that sacred temple ordinances may be performed to provide security for ancestors who were unable to receive a baptism or blessings when they were alive. During these ordinances, Mormons believe that ancestors residing in the spirit world are taught the gospel and given the chance to accept or reject it. Performing this process ensures that families are sealed together for eternity and that no family member spends the afterlife in loneliness and solitude.

The Church of Latter-day Saints includes 15 million Mormons. Mormons are encouraged to research and document their ancestral roots independently. It is believed that knowledge of family history will shape current and future generations, and that it can impart strong values and a sense of purpose into their lives.

The Church of Latter-day Saints operates a popular genealogy website called FamilySearch.org, which allows users to search for their ancestors and family history at no cost.

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