What Is a Chupacabra Supposed to Look Like?

What Is a Chupacabra Supposed to Look Like?

People usually describe chupacabras as looking like reptiles, with green or grey skin and quill-like spikes running down the length of the spine. People who claim to have seen the animal often describe them as being between three and five feet tall

No proof currently exists to substantiate claims of the chupacabra’s existence, but many people have claimed to see the animal since 1995. Descriptions vary wildly, with some claiming the creature is reptilian, and others depicting it as being mammalian and sometimes even human-like in appearance.

Observers often describe it as having large back legs and short front legs, and moving in a semi-upright position. Some witnesses describe it as looking like a large reptile, with scales and grey skin.

Other supposed witnesses have suggested that it looks more like a hairless wild dog, leading some researchers to believe that observers have mistaken animals such as coyotes and foxes for the mythical chupacabra.

Chupacabras are said to have clawed hands, and large fangs that they use for sucking the blood out of animals. Although many witnesses say the animal has coarse dark fur covering some or all of its body, others describe it as having the ability to change colors, alternating between shades of black, brown and green. Some witnesses claim chupacabras look more like aliens than animals, with human-shaped heads and eyes that glow red in the dark.