What Are Christmas Traditions in Indonesia?

christmas-traditions-indonesia Credit: Tom Cockrem/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Some Indonesian Christmas traditions include nativity dramas, feather trees, musical concerts, Santa Claus and traditional food. For instance, Indonesians celebrate by going to church services on Christmas Eve. They bring nativity scenes and act out the nativity story.

Indonesians have unique Christmas trees. While many are the typical artificial Christmas trees with a few real pines thrown in, there are also feather trees. These unique trees are formed from chicken feathers. Although they are primarily used on Bali Island, they are starting to become popular the world over.

Music is a popular part of Indonesian Christmas traditions. Christmas carols are sung by church choirs and broadcast via television. One of the most loved songs is "Malam Kudus" or "O Holy Night." Some Christmas movies are also broadcast over television, the most popular of which are the "Home Alone" series.

Santa Claus, known as Sinterklas, has made his way into the hearts of Indonesians. Much like the popular view of Santa Claus around much of the world, the Indonesian version also brings presents to children and visit shopping malls.

Christmas goodies are an important part of any Christmas celebration. Some of the most popular are Nastar cookies. These confections are a combination of delicate buttery biscuits and pineapple jam filling.