What Is a Christian Statement of Faith?

A Christian statement of faith is a statement that outlines a person's particular beliefs regarding Jesus Christ, the veracity of the Bible, and other doctrines and issues within Christian theology. These short essays explaining a person's beliefs are used in the admissions process for many religious universities and Christian colleges.

Applicants writing a statement of faith aren't required to answer every question and make clear their position on every point of doctrine. Every sentence in a statement of faith begins with the words "I believe" and proceeds to make a concrete statement of something firmly believed by the writer.

These statements can be considered as answers to questions a Christian would use to locate a fellow Christian's doctrinal position within the Christian faith. They express beliefs regarding whether or not the writer of the statement sees the Bible as flawed, or if they believe in the doctrine of the Trinity.

Christians can also use these statements to explain their thoughts on whether certain sections of the Bible are to be interpreted literally or figuratively. Statements also clarify Christians' positions on issues like the virgin birth of Jesus, the necessity of baptism, the Second Coming of Jesus, and the existence of heaven and hell.