What Is the Christian Spiritual Gifts Test Used For?


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A Christian spiritual gifts test is used to assess God-given gifts of Christians and to help them understand how to develop those gifts for leadership purposes within the ministry of the church. Most spiritual gifts tests are self-evaluation style tests.

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For those who do not know what their spiritual gifts are or are confused about how to use them, a spiritual gifts test helps provide clarification. A typical spiritual gifts test asks participants to evaluate their skills in various areas of ministry. A scoring matrix is then used to determine which of the 14 different spiritual gifts most closely fits the participants' skill sets.

Christians believe that those individuals who are saved are bestowed upon with special talents by God. The idea behind these gifts is twofold. First, they help Christians grow as individuals through the maximization of their potential as envoys of God. Second, they help the church grow by creating leaders and teachers who are contributing the best possible way in areas in which they are naturally talented. Service is a major tenet of the Christian religion. Christians believe that Jesus served through his ministry, and that it is God's will that Christians emulate Jesus. Christians are, therefore, expected to contribute a portion of their time and talents to the Christian community.

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