What Are Some Christian Slogans?

One well-known Christian slogan is, "What would Jesus do?" Some others are "Love your neighbor as yourself," and, "If God is for us, who can be against us?" Christian slogans can be direct Bible quotes, phrases that capture certain Biblical ideas, or simple sayings meant to spark conversation. A slogan is often a rallying cry for a Christian movement, while other times it's used as branding for a church.

Christian slogans are no different from secular slogans in that they aim to deliver a large message in a concise form. "What would Jesus do?" is a simple phrase that invites people to consider whether or not their actions in a given situation reflect the teachings of Jesus Christ. While not a direct quotation from scripture, this slogan does call to mind the entire scope of Jesus' lessons.

"Love your neighbor as yourself," is a direct quote from Matthew 22:39 used as a slogan by Jesus himself. Someone had asked Him which were the most important commandments in the Mosaic Law, and Jesus responded by saying that the most important command is to love God completely, followed closely by the commission to "Love your neighbor as yourself." Jesus went on to say, "All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commands." With this addendum, Jesus essentially said that all of the commands of God are summed up in this short slogan.