What Are Some Christian Poems That Feature Godly Women?


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Some Christian poems that feature godly women include "Eve" by Joyce Carr Stedelbauer and "Queen Esther," a poem about Esther from the Bible. In "Eve," Stedelbauer talks about Eve's beginnings in the Garden of Eden and how Eve communed with God before falling into temptation and eating the forbidden fruit.

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"Queen Esther" discusses Esther's transformation from an orphan to a queen. The poem talks about Esther's wisdom and vision in her position of leadership. God favored Esther, and Esther used that favor to remain courageous in troubled times. In "Eve" the author notes that although Eve chose to sin, God's plan redeems humankind, and God forgave Eve for her transgression.

Some Christian poetry featuring godly women exists in the Bible. The Book of Proverbs in the Bible's Old Testament features an entire chapter on the characteristics of a godly woman, noting that a godly woman is a strong and dignified woman who buys and sells goods. According to Proverbs, a godly woman works hard and takes care of her family and the less fortunate.

In the poem "A Godly Woman," author M. S. Lowndes describes a godly woman as beautiful and graceful. The godly woman knows that God has a plan for her life and lives with calm contentedness at the thought of living out God's wishes for her destiny.

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