Which Christian Groups Use the King James Bible?


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The King James Version of the Christian Bible is used by many denominations of Protestantism including Seventh-Day Adventists and Baptists. It is considered the foundational text of Protestantism and of those that read the Bible in the United States, over half use the King James Version.

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Over 1000 churches worldwide read the King James Version of the Bible. Some churches belong to the "King James Version Only" movement and believe that this version is the only version of the Bible truly inspired by the word of God. The King James Bible was completed in 1611 after King James I of England commissioned 54 clergymen and scholars to write a translation of the Christian Bible in the English language.

The predecessors of King James I of England had enforced different Christian religions and doctrines causing a disjointed English faith. He commissioned the group to construct a translation of the Bible to serve as compromise between the Church of England and the growing Puritan movement. The version's writers translated directly from Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic. The King James Version greatly influenced the meter and poetic language of the English language and is the origin of many modern idioms, including salt of the earth and fly in the ointment.

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