What Are Some Christian Group Names?


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The names of Christian groups usually reveal facets of their belief, purpose or mission, as in the cases of Answers in Genesis, Catholic Answers, the Coming Home Network and the American Family Association. Names may signify a focus in apologetics, family support or another field of work.

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What Are Some Christian Group Names?
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Answers in Genesis is a Protestant Christian apologetics organization that seeks to defend a biblical interpretation of the origin and development of the universe and the life within. The group opposes Darwinian evolution and the claim that the Earth is billions of years old. It looks primarily to the book of Genesis to shed light on these controversial scientific questions.

Catholic Answers, as its name implies, seeks to provide answers to a wide variety of faith questions from the standpoint of Roman Catholic belief and practice. Topics include the sacraments, the origins of the papacy in Scripture, the canonical basis for marriage, the historical reliability of Scripture and the relationship between Scripture and tradition.

The name of the American Family Foundation signifies the organization's stated devotion to helping American families develop along biblical parameters, whereas the Coming Home Network's name reflects the organization's mission to bring non-Catholics and lapsed Catholics to the fold.

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