What Are Some Christian Communion Prayers?


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Christian communion prayers include acts of contrition before going up to communion, acts of thanksgiving after communion, the Anima Christi and Prayers to Jesus Before the Blessed Sacrament by St. Alphonsus Mary De Liguori. People who are home-bound can make acts of spiritual communion through prayer.

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What Are Some Christian Communion Prayers?
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The various acts of contrition before the reception of communion usually contain themes of sorrow, hope and love. The person saying a contrition prayer expresses sorrow for having offended Jesus, and looks forward to being united to him in communion. The Confiteor is a traditional contrition prayer that has long been a part of the communion rite of the Tridentine Mass. It is a communal acknowledgement of guilt.

A traditional prayer to say after the reception of communion is the Anima Christi. This prayer invokes the body, blood, water, passion and soul of Christ, asking Jesus to sanctify, save and strengthen the recipient. St. Alphonsus Liguori wrote several communion prayers, reflecting themes such as union with Jesus and resolutions to abandon sin.

In addition to prayers for communion, there are also several traditional prayers for the exposition of the Eucharist. These include the O Salutaris Hostia, Pange Lingua (with the Tantum Ergo), the Divine Praises and other prayers.

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