What Are Some Christian Bible Reflections?


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Christian Bible reflections are the thoughts of a person after reading and meditating on scripture. A person's reflections may be simple or complex, brief or lengthy, cheerful or sad.

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Examples of Christian Bible reflections arise out of the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, the Psalms provide a plethora of prayers and songs to God that are simple enough for anyone to reflect on. The author of Psalm 22 cries out to God because the author feels alone and forsaken, yet resolved to hope and believe in God. The author envisions a future day when all hardship disappears, the poor have food and shelter, and the oppressed receive justice. After meditating on that Psalm someone may reflect that while God seems distant during the trials of life, he will show his goodness and power in the future. Therefore, it is important to trust in him even when life is difficult.

Additionally, numerous reflections surface from reading through the New Testament. The letter of James begins by arguing that God allows trials in order to improve the character of those who endure them. Someone may read this discussion in James and emerge with greater hope, reflecting that hardship does not occur because God is unable to prevent it, but because it makes people stronger.

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