What Is the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry?


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The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, or CARM, is a non-profit Protestant Christian ministry that examines different topics of contemporary culture to determine whether or not they align with God's intentions as specified in the Bible. CARM analyzes religious and non-religious movements such as atheism and Islam, philosophical perspectives such as relativism, scientific topics such as evolution, and social issues such as abortion and the death penalty. In addition, CARM defends and promotes the Christian faith.

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CARM was founded in 1995 by Matthew J. Slick in Meridian, Idaho. The organization's primary outreach tool is its website, which can be found at CARM.org. Approximately 30 writers are regular contributors to the website.

The CARM website functions as a digital library. Tabs on the left side of the page correspond to specific topic areas. The website can also be searched by using the centrally located search bar on the main page. While the site focuses primarily on apologetics, it has quality articles on many other topics as well.

The website has a discussion board section where visitors can debate or seek clarification on specific issues. CARM also offers a radio show, a weekly email newsletter, and an intake email where visitors can submit questions to be answered by the CARM team.

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