What Does Christian Aid Do?

christian-aid Credit: Nadeem Khawar/Moment/Getty Images

Christian Aid is a British Christian organization that predominantly fights against poverty. It also promotes equality rights, dignity and freedom. Christian Aid works all over the world in cooperation with local churches, governments, NGOs and other organizations that have similar goals. Even though it is a Christian organization, it also works with people of different faiths as the organization sees it as a great opportunity to open inter-faith communication.

Christian Aid depends on people and their generosity to raise money for its projects. It organizes many events and fundraisers locally and internationally. Also, volunteers play a big role in this organization's activities by helping to organize events, visiting those in need and helping regions in crisis.

In recent years, Christian Aid has also started to take part in the fight against global warming. Christian Aid actively encourages British citizens to vote for those who were willing to bring this topic to the European Union Parliament. According to Christian Aid, the European Union must change its policies on carbon emission and influence other Western countries to do the same. It claims that it is mostly rich countries contributing to the global warming crisis, and it is those countries that need to take a stand and reduce carbon emissions.