How Do You Choose a Roman Catholic Funeral Homily?


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Choose a Roman Catholic funeral homily by first deciding what aspects of the deceased the sermon should focus on. Next, pick out a Bible verse or multiple verses that are associated with the chosen aspects, and find a corresponding homily. The exact steps for choosing a Roman Catholic funeral homily depends on the nature of the deceased's passing, her personality, family wishes, and priest or church preferences.

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A homily is a speech or commentary that follows a scripture reading. Homilies, otherwise known as sermons, offer exposition on the associated Bible verses and help listeners understand their important concepts and everyday applications. Homilies are generally performed by the church priest, but visiting bishops or deacons can also give homilies.

Roman Catholic funeral homilies focus on particular traits of the deceased person. These traits are typically chosen by the family and can range from how the person died to positive aspects of his or her life.

For example, a homily for a person who dies suddenly or tragically might be paired with Romans 8, or Ecclesiastes 8 and discuss the various steps of loss: grieving, celebration, fellowship and worship. A funeral homily for the death of child might refer to Psalm 121 and elaborate on children's undying faith.

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