What Do Chinese People Eat for Dinner?

Chinese dinner foods vary by region, but the dinner procedure commonly begins with tea and is followed by cold starters, then a variety of hot dishes as the main course. Soup comes after the main course, followed by a selection of fresh fruits for dessert.

Peking duck is a classic Chinese dinner dish that requires over a day of preparation time. It is served with Chinese pancakes, green onions and hoisin sauce. Jellyfish is a common cold starter plate in the first course of dinner. It is served with green onions and toasted sesame oil.

Chow fun is a popular dish of Cantonese origin. Wide noodles of rice or wheat are served with thinly sliced seafood, beef or pork and tossed with green onions and a dark savory sauce.

Shrimp dumpling soup is a popular Hong Kong dish served in the soup portion of the dinner courses. Minced shrimp bundles and egg noodles float in a wonton broth. Mapo tofu is a Sichuan dish that is spicy and zesty with soft tofu, ground pork, fermented black beans, green onions and garlic. Xiao Long Bao is a Shanghai specialty that puts a flavorful, hot broth into soup dumplings. The broth is released upon biting into the dumplings.