What Is a Chinese Guy Like?


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Chinese men are gentle and laugh easily. Loud laughter, however, can be a sign of uneasiness or embarrassment. They fear losing face above most other things and are loyal, courteous and good at keeping their word.

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Speaking sharply or criticising a Chinese man in front of his relatives or someone of a lower social or economic rank can cause him to lose face. Sometimes just saying no can have the same effect. Chinese are easily embarrassed and have their pride and dignity hurt at the slightest provocation. This is why they go out of their way to be polite and accommodating to each other and avoid dispute and conflict.

Chinese men rely heavily on indirectness, gestures and reading between the lines while communicating. Questions about their personal life, emotions, finances and health rarely produce straightforward direct answers. While they do not intend to be dishonest, a lot of information is left to inference. They value family ties and are very loyal and committed to those who they trust. Chinese men are usually quiet and reserved around strangers, which can be perceived as shyness or timidity. Once familiarity and a bond of friendship is established, they are warm, generous, punctual and very modest about their accomplishments, wealth and status.

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