What Does the Chinese Dragon Represent?


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The Chinese dragon represents imperial power, good fortune, water and spirituality. Dragons were originally seen in totem poles and often appear to be a combination of several animals.

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In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes the power of the emperor, as it was believed that the emperors themselves were descendants of dragons. As a national symbol, the dragon appeared on the Chinese flag during the Qing Dynasty and was carved into tombs, shrines and palaces.

The dragon also represents water because dragons were traditionally believed to have power over bodies of water and rainfall. It is a spiritual image that's wise and friendly and viewed as a powerful force of life.

Dragons are often visualized as a combination of animals, including the deer, snake, tiger and eagle. They represent eternity, as seen in the Yin-Yang symbol, as well as celestial power, luck, wealth, safety and blessings.

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