What Is the Chinese Birth Sign for Someone Born in 1973?


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The birth sign of people born in 1973 is the Ox, which is in the second position of the Chinese zodiacal calendar. Oxen are said to be diligent, dependable and determined. They are also said to be honest and fiercely patriotic. Oxen can be stubborn and stuck in their ways.

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The Chinese animal zodiac is a repeating, 12-year cycle. Each year is represented by an animal that is ascribed certain attributes. Traditionally, the animals of the zodiac are used to date the years of the zodiacal cycle.

Ancient Chinese superstition holds that, when your birth sign comes around, the God of Age is offended. That means that you will experience bad luck all year long. To avoid misfortune, you should wear a red item given to you by an older relative. Red socks, underwear, bracelets or anklets will do.

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