What Do Chileans Do for Fun?

Chileans partake in many types of social and recreational activities, including hiking, going to the beach, celebrating festivals and holidays and attending events such as concerts, theatrical performances and dances that celebrate the arts. The landscape of Chile, which features vast mountains, miles of beaches and thousands of acres of protected land, makes outdoor activities popular among people of all ages. Chileans also enjoy watching and participating in sports such as soccer and enjoy spending time with family.

Chileans, like many South Americans, descend primarily from European and Native Indian ancestry. However, regional differences in ethnic origins occur throughout Chile. Chileans honor and display local customs through festivals and celebrations that include religious components and social activities such as dancing, feasts and parades. Most Chileans practice Catholicism as a result of religious conversion deriving from Spanish settlers. Natives honor prominent Catholic figures through songs, rituals and dress. The arts scene thrives in Chile, and Chileans regularly attend operas, dances, orchestral performances and plays. The capital city of Santiago contains a particularly vibrant arts scene. Chileans attend cultural events primarily between the months of March and November. Like many Americans, Chileans enjoy going to the beach during the warm months and participate in cold weather sports like snowboarding and skiing during the winter.