How Do Children Picture Jesus?


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Many Sunday school children in North America believe Jesus resembles the famous painting known as Head of Christ by Warner Sallman. In the painting, Jesus is tall with light skin, brown eyes and long, flowing hair. However, according to the Christmas song, "Some Children See Him," children from other races believe Jesus looks like them.

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The Head of Christ painting depicts Jesus as a tall man with chiseled features and a nicely trimmed beard. His hair is long and He has piercing, brown eyes. His face is radiant and has a soft glow. His overall appearance speaks of compassion, holiness and reverence.

In American churches, Jesus looks very American. Hollywood productions depict Jesus as a tall man who stands out from the crowd. However, children from other cultures think Jesus resembles people from their own race or culture. In British movies, Jesus sounds British. Jesus looks different to Brazilian children, Filipino children and Norwegian children.

Though Sunday schools teach children that Jesus was a descendant of Abraham, and therefore Jewish, the song "Some Children See Him" reveals that children from the different cultures picture Jesus differently. Some see him as white, while others picture him as brown, dark or almond-eyed. Children from different cultures believe Jesus' face resembles theirs but is bright with holy light and heavenly grace.

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