How Do You Check Your Pay Stubs Online?

JGI/Tom Grill/Blend Images/Getty Images

Many companies use services or software to allow employees to access their pay stubs electronically. These services are often provided by a third party, and are usually accessible to the employee wherever access to the Internet is available.

Several providers like ADP, Oracle and Intuit offer online payroll management services to companies. These often come in the form of software that can be integrated with a company’s payroll or accounting systems. The end result is usually a website, to which access is granted via a registration process designed to verify the employee. Once this is complete, the employee can access their pay stubs online using login credentials that are either provided by the employer or created by the employee.

Once access is granted, and dependent upon the services provided, the employee may have a number of payroll management options. Typically, pay stubs can be printed from the online source. Some services offer a downloading or exporting component. This allows the employee to save their pay stubs externally, or transfer them to their own software for more personal fiscal management.

Some companies use their own systems to give their employees online payroll access. While many of the same features as Internet-accessible services may still apply, these programs often rely upon a company’s intranet network to provide payroll access.