How Do You Check the Louis Vuitton Authenticity?

To determine the authenticity of a Louis Vuitton product, check the leather, examine the stitching and look for errors and imperfections. In addition, analyze the pattern and liner color, handle the hardware and look for anything else suspicious.

  1. View the leather trim

    Examine the areas of the bag that are supposed to be crafted from leather. The leather should feel firm and dry, as opposed to moist, oily, slippery or sticky.

  2. Check for stitching imperfections and other flaws

    Louis Vuitton products have flawless stitching and extremely high standards. If there appears to be any crooked or uneven stitches, the bag is most likely a fake. Any signs of sloppy craftsmanship should arouse suspicion.

  3. Analyze the pattern

    Look for any areas at the seam with a severed logo. Louis Vuitton products always have all of the logos fully intact.

  4. View the liner

    Check to make sure that the product color matches real versions exactly. Compare it to a picture or a product that’s known to be legitimate.

  5. Examine the hardware

    Hollow or light hardware is a sign of a counterfeit. Louis Vuitton products use quality hardware that has some weight to it.

  6. Check for anything suspicious

    If anything seems off, it’s worth investigating. The hang tag should be attached and able to support the bag. Make sure the tag that states where the item was made matches all other legitimate products.