How Do You Check Which GE Refrigerators Are on a Recall List?

To check which GE refrigerators GE recalled in the past, consumers can go to the recall section on As of July 2015, there were no refrigerator recalls listed, but GE has recalled several products including gas ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dehumidifiers.

While there have been no full recalls of GE refrigerators, there have been problems noted with the computerized motherboards in GE refrigerators made since 2000. Digital displays and other refrigerator functions rely on circuit boards similar to those found in computers. GE replaced these circuit boards for free when customers have reported problems, but there has not been a recall on the refrigerators or on the boards themselves.

If consumers want to receive notifications of recalls on GE appliances, including refrigerators, they can register their appliances with GE via online registration forms. In order to complete the registration, GE appliance owners must enter the model number and serial number of the appliance. This information can be located in the owner’s manual that comes with the product or on a label or sticker affixed to the appliance itself.

For people who want to view all recalled refrigerators of any brand, offers a full list accessible when users click on the Refrigerator Recall tab. Norcold/Coachmen, Samsung, Liebherr-Canada and Maytag have all issued refrigerator recalls since 2009.