How Do I Check My Firewall Settings?

Your computer’s control panel allows you to check and adjust your firewall settings. Adjusting your firewall settings is crucial to prevent malicious software or hackers from gaining access to your information through your network or Internet connection. Firewall settings, along with the steps required to adjust them, vary between Macs and PCs.

  1. Open Windows Firewall settings

    For a PC, open the Windows Firewall by clicking the Start button on the bottom-left corner of your desktop. Click the Control Panel option on the right, and in the search box, type “firewall.” Continue to the Windows Firewall. Activate or deactivate the firewall by checking the appropriate On or Off boxes on the left pane.

  2. Activate firewall on a Mac

    Select System Preferences from the Apple menu, and click Security. Select the Firewall tab, and unlock the window by selecting the lock icon in the lower-left corner. Enter your administrator username and password, and select “Start” or “Turn on Firewall” to enable the system. Continue to the “Advanced” tab to customize your firewall settings.

  3. Configure firewall settings

    Both PCs and Macs allow you to configure your firewall settings through the “advanced” menu. Configure your firewall selecting the connections or applications you wish to bypass or have blocked by the firewall.