What Are Some Charities That Collect Used Stamps?

Several charities collect used stamps to support their causes, including People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, Brittle Bone Society, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Leukaemia CARE, Oxfam and the Royal National Institute of Blind People in Great Britain. In Australia, organizations such as Lone Girl Guides, Knights of the Southern Cross, Bayley House and Guide Dogs Tasmania collect stamps for money.

Britain’s People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals earns about 10 pounds per every kilogram of stamps. Patrons send postage stamps to a certain address, or couriers pick up large amounts. Leukaemia CARE receives 3 pounds for every kilogram of British stamps and 13 pounds for every kilogram of foreign stamps. Save the Albatross gets 3.50 pounds for every kilogram of British stamps and 12.50 pounds for a kilogram of foreign varieties.

One specialty company pays charities 11 pounds for a kilogram of British stamps and 20 pounds for the same weight in foreign stamps. The amount each charity gets varies, depending on what company buys their stamps. These monetary figures are current as of July 2014.

When charities receive large volumes of stamps, they are sold to dealers and stamp collectors by weight. These types of stamps are called “kiloware.” The mass market for kiloware stamps started with BBC’s “Blue Peter” children’s television show that raised funds every November to give needy kids Christmas gifts.