What Characterizes Furniture From Mexico?


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Furniture from Mexico is typically made of carved wood with metal details and brightly colored designs. Wrought iron and roughly crafted twigs are also used. The style reflects a number of fashions from the 18th century to modern times. Mexican furniture design aims to infuse living spaces with energy and warmth.

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Decor from Mexico and elsewhere in Central America is the inspiration for Southwest interior designs, and many people consider the styles fun and inviting. Traditional Mexican decor is rustic, with furniture often made of wood. The designs, while practical, feature artistic elements.

Furniture, like other Mexican decor, frequently features two color schemes. Part of an object is brown, tan and dull red, and the remainder is covered in brilliant blue, yellow and red. Often, the primary colors are used for decorations, with the earth tones dominating the background. This striking contrast in hues is a major reason for the style's popularity.

Mexican furniture generally consists of heavy wooden panels adorned with metal details. The most common type of wood is pine, but reclaimed materials of various sorts are also used. Tables and bed frames are sometimes made of wood and wrought iron. Dressers and cupboards have iron handles. Some chairs, tables and armoires are made of bent branches and twigs.

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