What Are Some Characteristics of a Virgo Personality?

Astrologers characterize Virgo as observant, analytical, reliable and precise. These traits can manifest negatively as excessive skepticism, fussiness, inflexibility and coldness. Virgos are able to use their intelligence to attain their goals, but they can over-analyze their situations and become paralyzed with indecision.

Virgo's ruling planet is Mercury, which astrologers believe symbolizes the rational mind, thoughts and communications. Virgo's element is earth, whose astrological signs focus on the practical instead of theory. They are meticulous in their attention to details. Astrologers believe Virgos to be among the hardest-working of all the astrological signs. Virgos have little patience for fantasy or ambiguity. Their minds are geared toward reality and seeing things in black and white. Their analytical skills help them discern solutions to the most complicated problems. Virgos tend toward perfectionism, which makes them excellent employees, but difficult-co-workers. They are essentially conservative in their work and personal lives, rarely taking risks without testing the waters first. Virgos dislike public displays of emotion, preferring self-discipline and a professional demeanor at all times. As lovers, Virgos want intellectual stimulation in a partner. They do not move quickly in romance, nor are they conventionally romantic. Once a Virgo has made up her mind that she loves someone, she becomes loyal and steadfast.