What Are Characteristics of a Taurus Male?

A Taurus male is dependable, loyal, persistent, generous and patient. He is also possessive, stubborn, self-indulging and materialistic, according to Cafe Astrology. A Taurus male meets challenges with determination and pride. He is also resolved and energetic, according to Zodiac Signs Astrology.

A Taurus male has few acquaintances but makes an excellent friend. He treats friends like family and loves to host. He is good in business but spends lavishly. He is sensitive to negative remarks and responds to orders with laziness, according to Zodiac Signs Astrology.

Cafe Astrology says a Taurus male is workaholic and chases big payoffs. He loves material and physical things and surrounds himself with luxurious and comforting things, such as expensive wine and food. He is also prudent, traditional and thoughtful. He is passionate and lusty in love relationships and shows commitment. He is easy to amuse and dislikes haste in relationships, according to Zodiac Signs Astrology. He is also down-to-earth, imaginative and practical.

Based on information given by Cafe Astrology, the Taurus man is compatible with Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo and Cancer. He loves latest styles and high quality fashion. A Taurus man often has high stamina, which keeps him healthy. A Taurus man can be frugal in saving for a better future.