What Are Some Characteristics of the Most Powerful People in the World?

Powerful people share common traits, such as being extremely focused, having a propensity to aim for lofty goals, and understanding how to use power wisely. In addition, powerful people are more likely to take risks in life.

A common characteristic of powerful people is the ability to stay focused on a specific goal they wish to achieve. Focusing on one thing at a time can be difficult due to distractions, but they have above-average, single-minded determination. When it comes to choosing which goals to focus on, they often pick something lofty. Aiming high comes naturally, and they apply their knowledge to make sure they reach their goals. This means that the powerful are very driven to accomplish great things, even if that means not always being available for socializing. Powerful people tend to socialize with others only when it is most convenient, and they may choose to prioritize work over social life.

Most powerful people have enough self-awareness to not abuse their power. They lead others in a responsible manner, and often take the lead in issues of social responsibility. It is common for persons in high-powered positions to have charisma. However, they are able to keep their ego in check and give something positive back to society.